Special Focus: Monitoring--Z-Wave, All the Rage

Popularity continues for this home control protocol


Q. What is Z-Wave doing to ensure its industry leadership position now and in the future?

A. “Z-Wave continues to expand on its protocol features, making network creation easier and the mesh network faster and more resilient. We continue to see more manufacturers adopt the technology, bringing new device types and lower prices to the market. The Z-Wave Alliance is also working on an online training program to teach installers how to maximize their returns when using Z-Wave technology.”


Q. What might be coming in the near future as far as technology updates, new alliances, etc?

A. “Z-Wave recently added new multi-channel, higher bandwidth, lower power, larger memory transceiver modules from Sigma Designs. These improvements take advantage of integrated circuit advancements and provide new options for manufacturers and products without raising costs. These new modules also allow for the adoption of Z-Wave in new countries like Taiwan, China and Korea. The Z-Wave Alliance is also very active with the Smart Grid and is a member of the NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP). We continue to participate with SEP, OpenADR and IoT alliances and working groups. We are working with several universities on studies involving the use of home control technology to help people who need assistance to live more independently.” o