Living on the edge

Advances in edge-based video surveillance technology provide cost savings, enhanced capabilities

Another benefit of an edge-based system is less costly maintenance. With no server maintenance, no complex proprietary hardware and software, and no storage or scaling limitations, edge-based technology provides a simplified solution that requires relatively little ongoing maintenance.

Gone are the days of thousands of analog cameras needed to secure a single business. Now, one camera can intelligently master multiple roles, including the viewing, recording and storing of images. Users can still simultaneously accomplish everything they need — such as live video transfer, recording and event search. Overall, a decentralized approach is more cost- effective, provides more value to the end- user and is easier to scale than traditional systems.

Edge-based surveillance solutions also give installers and integrators a chance to differentiate themselves from the competition. They are empowered to provide users with a decentralized system that is capable of truly solving the core problems commonly associated with high-resolution video. Costs are substantially reduced because high-resolution, decentralized surveillance systems require fewer cameras and storage devices and, in the end, less hardware.