Sage Conversations: Insights from a next generation leader

Bob Hayes discusses how the SEC is laying the educational foundation for future security executives

The proof points will follow. Many of these existing and emerging leaders will form a new perspective on value for their own operation, but also for their vendor relationships. This could impact buying decision behavior up and down the security value stream.

The SEC is also attempting to create accredited proof points for technology vendors that are willing to expose their clients and their work to the SEC to assess and qualify the results. If this can be proven, they become part of the Solution Innovation Program that provides another level of assurance and guidance to the SEC’s executive membership as well as to next generation leaders.

The SEC’s ability to stay current is anchored by effective research, compelling partnerships with other thought leaders and universities, seasoned advisors, and a growing alumni of next generation leaders.

The possibilities for the industry as a whole to become more valuable to its core stakeholders seems to have a formidable advocate and lever in the SEC’s strategic pillars. The industry eagerly anticipates the proof points that will be delivered over the next year as the SEC takes leadership, innovation and program measurement on the road.