Centralizing security operations on campus

Legacy security technology overhauled at the University of Kentucky

According to Beatty, one of the biggest challenges he faced in upgrading the university to this new streamlined security program was getting buy-in from everyone on campus and determining who would be in control. “Obviously, everyone wants to control their own access, their own data and their own video imaging, but we did get agreement that the University of Kentucky Police Department would be the sole purveyor of the data - managing the issuance of cards, housing the video imaging and data, and all of the security pieces of the project,” says Beatty. “We’ve got a lot of excitement now that we’ve got this rolling.”   

Beatty says another major piece of the project was integrating the healthcare facility on campus into the university’s security system. “They just completed a $560 million structure there and already imported their security systems into that,” explained Beatty. “Integrating them over to our platform was big for the success of this and they have agreed to come over to our platform, so the funding that was appropriated from the president’s office allows us to go ahead and incorporate the healthcare side of the campus in the initial phase.”

Beatty says installation is currently underway for infrastructure that will eventually support some the university’s new cameras and he expects the majority of the project to be completed by the end of the year. “We’re going to be issuing 40,000 new ID cards over the next few months, particularly when the students get back in the fall,” says Beatty  “And we expect the majority of the project to be completed by the end of the year with a significant portion of it done in time for the students’ return in August.”