Special Report: Government Security - CFATS and Surveillance

How smart video can help you comply with the DHS Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards

Protection of perimeter and internal assets. CFATS requires securing and monitoring restricted areas where COIs are manufactured and stored. Intelligent video is a good tool to protect internal assets where physical or man-made boundaries are unlikely to exist. Smart video can be used to create a surveillance “buffer zone” around areas of special concern to control access based on time of day or other criteria, mitigating possible insider sabotage or theft.

Assurance of ongoing system operation. CFATS requires that systems monitor their health and provide alerts should they cease to function, a capability built into many smart video solutions.

Affordability. While CFATS does not directly address system costs, the reality of business operations makes doing so a requirement. Using long-range thermal cameras that cover greater distances reduces the number of cameras needed, along with reductions in infrastructure and associated costs.


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