Tech Trends: Video Technology Evolving for Investigations

Analytics make solving crimes like the Boston bombing much easier

While systems are theoretically capable of real-time (less than one second) identification, the number of matches (face to database) operations could be overwhelming. Options include limiting the scale of the database, analyzing matches post-event, or tapping into more computational power to handle the match load.

Sadly, it takes a tragedy to both create motivation for certain technology developments and to soften public resistance for such deployments. A CNN/Time April 30 poll determined that 81 percent of respondents favored expanded video surveillance on streets and in public places, while less than half were in favor of giving up some of their civil liberties to be safer. Perhaps video is now being seen as less infringement and more necessity.


Ray Coulombe is Founder and Managing Director of, enabling interaction with specifiers in the physical security and ITS markets; and Principal Consultant for Gilwell Technology Services. He can be reached at, through LinkedIn, or on Twitter: @RayCoulombe.