Video Surveillance is Living on the Edge

IP cameras and encoders are working harder and smarter than ever, thanks to continuous innovation

On top of cross-line detection and people/object counting, third-party apps such as license plate recognition, line/queue management and heat mapping can be downloaded to run inside compatible IP video devices. Some leading software providers have even developed a full VMS suite to run at the edge. This is just the beginning.

The term “Big Data” is a very familiar one in the IT world. We have created so much data as a society that companies are now actively searching for the best way to use, organize and leverage all this information. With all that video surveillance data being deleted today without anyone ever seeing it, the IP video market has the same dilemma.

By leveraging the ever increasing processing power of network cameras and exposing young software developers to our industry by partnering with leading universities and IT companies, we can do more at the edge to build an industry of proactive devices. The goal is to help security practitioners process pertinent video they need to see in real-time.


Living on the Edge

With all these surveillance functions moving to the edge — from never before seen image usability technology to recording and intelligence — might it be that one day the edge can accomplish ALL the functionality of the system and no central point is needed?

Those systems are already in existence today, and are especially effective in small systems. Welcome to the future, brought to you by the edge.


Fredrik Nilsson is the general manager for Axis Communications in North America. He is the author of “Intelligent Network Video: Understanding Modern Video Surveillance Systems,” published by CRC Press. His popular “Eye on Video” series can be found on Request more info about Axis at