Special Focus: Retail--Busted!

Integrators dole out loss prevention strategies

“Retailers are doing their homework; they have a younger management staff overall. They are more IT centric and are embracing new technologies. In this vertical we will be moving to fully integrated systems within the next five to 10 years—a comprehensive solution that with one click everything will be on one system, such as access control, intrusion detection, video and analytics.

Ron Poulin, owner of Daytona Broadband LLC, a systems integration company based in South Daytona, Fla., works with retailers on providing POS systems and cash registers and wonders why such devices are not considered by many as security devices.

“A device (or system of devices) that holds your incoming cash, processes your credit card, gift card and debit card sales, provides reports to identify sales patterns and possible sales manipulation by cashiers/clerks, manages your inventory and purchase orders, collects employee time data, should be considered one of the most important types of security devices relative to internal cash, product or time theft issues,” Poulin said. Along with a close affiliate, One Point POS in Orlando, Poulin deploys retail and small hospitality POS systems and cash register systems nationally through affiliations with national merchant services or POS software companies.

Solutions providers now have technology on their side to present new tools for loss prevention, marketing and accountability—and retailers are ready for all they have to offer so they can reverse the tide of losses.