Make sure the bite matches the bark: Translating security from physical to virtual environments

Even if data is no longer physically in your organization’s possession, it is still your responsibility

An important step in choosing a CSP is doing research into their security guidelines, whether they are compliant with any regulations your organization needs to follow and what preparations they have in place in anticipation of a data breach. Just like when investing money in a guard dog, you would want to know the dog’s breed, training and other qualifications for protecting your home. By knowing this information and keeping communication lines open, you’re one step closer to a successful cloud experience.

Steve Pate Bio:
Steve Pate is CTO and co-founder of HighCloud Security (, bringing 25 years of designing, building, and delivering file system, operating system, and security technologies, with a proven history of converting market-changing ideas into enterprise-ready products. Before HighCloud Security, he built and led teams at ICL, SCO, VERITAS, HyTrust, Vormetric, and others. HighCloud’s resident author, Steve has published two well-respected books on UNIX kernel internals and UNIX file systems, as well as hundreds of articles and blogs, including a resident blog on ComputerWorld titled Ahead in the Clouds.