IT/Networking: Power Monitoring and Management

Being able to handle power concerns across all connected devices is paramount to your customers

A remote power manager enables a technician or user to quickly and easily reboot an attached device from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This capability can alleviate many service calls that result in simply re-booting the locked-up device. The RPM, such as the RPM1521 manufactured by Minuteman Power Technologies, is also capable of sending an email or text message to automatically notify a security or IT manager that a device has locked up — obviously a huge convenience (Request more information about this product at

The average cost of a service call is $350, and the average system downtime from a failed device is 1.5 hours. Having visibility of all system devices and being able to communicate with them, monitor them, manage them, and reboot them when necessary can save your customers a tremendous amount of time and money.



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