Integrator Connection: Commitment to Innovation Raises the Business ‘Bar’

Advance Technology focuses on cloud-based initiatives and proactive services

Just as Simopoulos takes pride in the company’s commitment to providing unique solutions, he also emphasizes the company’s promise to deliver top-notch customer service. Simopoulos says that customer satisfaction has greatly influenced the success of the company. A system of checks and balances, in the form of evaluations and survey processes by the customer, keeps up the high standards — after all, referrals from satisfied customers are what keep the company going strong.

“Our level of customer service,” he says, “we take that seriously. We have a strong process put in place from the first customer meeting to the end of the installation, all the way through to how our service department runs and we’re always doing checks and balances.”

As a result of Advance Technology’s commitment to quality services, the company continues to rack up awards, recently placing number 27 on SD&I’s Fast50 ranking and best practices program and winning other high-level industry awards as well.

Simopoulos says finding, hiring and retaining new employees is definitely a challenge, and unfortunately, careers in security systems and electronics don’t seem to be garnering as much attention in the academic community as they should be. “One of the challenges is that we have really good people going to school looking at career paths and not recognizing that studying IT is a stepping stone for them to become security technicians or to go into the security or systems integration industry,” he says, adding “we’ve been trying to meet with colleges to educate them that there is a path to security from those courses and that when they graduate, students should take a look at the security industry because it is a promising career path.”

When it comes to the future of his company, Simopoulos says, “we want to continue to grow throughout the New England area, in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and we want to be a leader in cloud and managed services solutions in the marketplace.”



Ariel A. Cohen was a 2013 summer intern for Cygnus Security Media and is currently a student at Georgia Tech studying science, technology and culture.