Legendary roadside diner deploys Avigilon high definition surveillance system

Redamak’s installed 25 Avigilon HD 1MP and 2MP cameras to cover both the main and employee entrances

“We recently dealt with an incident in which two patrons left without paying and we caught their image on four different cameras,” explained Maroney.“We provided footage to the police who are currently investigating the crime.” And with immediate access to footage of the restaurant, Maroney can review allegations of sustained injuries, helping to avoid potential liability claims.

With greater coverage of the loading dock and parking lot, employees also feel safer
when closing the restaurant late at night. “Our goal is to deliver the best food and service
possible – the Avigilon system enables us to better ensure inventory and food quality
control, and monitor employee performance to help us achieve our mission.”

Health and Safety Compliance
The Avigilon high-definition surveillance system has also become a valuable tool to help
Redamak’s monitor for health and safety compliance – for both staff and delivery personnel.
“A couple of years ago, a delivery person fell off the back of his truck and unfortunately, our
old system was unable to capture a clear image of the incident,” Maroney shared. “With the
upgrade, we added an extra Avigilon camera for greater coverage and improved image
clarity, which we rely on to ensure safety procedure compliance.”

Great Expectations
“From start to finish, Avigilon has lived up to our expectations with regards to installation,
technology, and support,” concluded Maroney, who trusts that he has invested in an
advanced surveillance infrastructure that will facilitate expansion as required. “With
Avigilon, we have invested in a future-proof surveillance system that can easily scale to
meet our needs as we continue to find new ways to enhance the dining experience."