Navigating the influx of security data

Baltimore Police Lt. Samuel Hood III discusses how the city leverages technology for public safety

Hood: I think there’s a little give and take. First of all, yes, you have to verify your information. You’re more responsible because you’re getting more information in. You have to be able to multitask and understand what you’re actually looking at, and verify what it is. Just because someone takes a picture doesn’t mean that’s [who you’re looking for]. You can get into a lot of trouble if you don’t verify your information.

LET: Anything else?

Hood: The key is the interoperability—the governance we need to know and our public/private partnerships. Because they’re stakeholders they’re invested in it, and they want to know that their government’s giving them that level of service. Today in Baltimore City you can have an accident., and before you can even ask for help if you’re incapacitated, if we’ve caught it on video, help is already on the way.

That’s the level of service we want. That’s the kind of service I want. And we’re closing in on the state, not just the city because we’re the hub, but we realize what happens immediately in our surrounding area also affects us.