K-12 Security: Safe School Design

Are you up to date on the latest safety and security standards?

Schlage AD-Series modular wireless locks overcome this issue with, a patent-pending “wake up on radio” feature that works in parallel with the 10-minute heartbeat.Without waking up the entire lock, it listens for complementary commands every one to 10 seconds and responds.Thus, 10 seconds is the longest it will take to initiate lockdown (Learn more about the product at www.securityinfowatch.com/10239498).

Assembly Spaces – Large spaces like gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias and libraries typically have doors equipped with panic or fire exit hardware. These devices may be equipped with cylinder dogging or a trim control that is similar to a classroom security lock, allowing the doors to be locked without entering the corridor. To facilitate quick lockdown in a bank of doors, staff may want to limit access through one door or door pair while keeping the others locked on the pull side. If budget allows, electric latch retraction provides immediate lockdown.


Tips for Integrators

New, Innovative Products – Watch out for “innovative” products designed to make schools safer. Although these products may be based on great ideas with good intentions, many are not code-compliant.

Ask for Help – As an integrator, you are not on your own. Manufacturers can put you in touch with a specification writer that can help advise you or write the specification for you.

Manufacturers are also accelerating the number of complementary school safety seminars and webinars that it offers to school districts, emergency responders, architects and others. For instance, Ingersoll Rand offers one day seminars or one hour webinars entitled “Safe & Secure Schools” featuring Paul Timm, PSP (Physical Security Professional), one of the nation’s leading experts in school safety. These interactive sessions present proactive solutions, many of which can be implemented at little or no cost during these challenging economic times.



Lori Greene, AHC/CDC, CCPR, FDAI, is a codes and compliance expert and a door hardware specification writer for Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. Read her blog at www.idighardware.com. Request more info about IR at www.securityinfowatch.com/10215684.