K-12 Security: Loud and Clear

Two districts illustrate the value of coupling audio and video for visitor management

• Heightened access control and visitor management: School officials are able to view the guest’s identification — usually a driver’s license — then they can run a security check to determine if the individual has a criminal background and speak with the guest about his or her purpose for visiting the campus before they are granted access to the grounds.

• Educational curriculum tool: This is great news for students who miss a class, as they can catch up on their lectures and lesson plans by listening to their classroom audio on their own time. Teachers also benefit, as they no longer have to worry about bringing students who miss a class up to speed. What’s also great about this type of security system is the fact that both the video and audio footage are run over a protected network that is located either onsite or at a central monitoring station and stored for future reference/review. This means that the video and audio data act like a DVR and can be accessed at a later date.


Richard Brent is CEO of Louroe Electronics.