Hollywood Comes To Video Surveillance

The video storage and management concepts that have ruled media & entertainment are now being applied to security

From a cost standpoint, this video storage system becomes a more superior infrastructure. Compare the acquisition costs of terabytes and petabytes of spinning NAS and SAN to the cost of an appropriate LTO data tape library, complete with robotics. The LTO implementation is significantly less expensive.

Considering the 3- to 4-year lifespan of spinning disks, the 30-year longevity of LTO helps users avoid maintenance costs, not to mention the ongoing monthly operational costs of electricity for all that spinning disk and the cooling costs to keep those SAN/NAS units spinning, which tend to add up quickly.

Implementing a sound multi-tiered video storage infrastructure with spinning disk for low-resolution companion files linked to unaltered original video stored on LTO enables more video to be stored for less cost and headache.


Creating an LTO-Based System for your Customers

How do we create a disk-and-LTO infrastructure to provide customers what they need in video storage without breaking the bank?

When contemplating a 21st century surveillance video management solution, a spinning disk-only approach harkens back to pre-Columbus days — there are better ways to reach the destination. Your customers generally want to store as much video as they can, they want to record at the highest resolutions and frame rates, and they want it as affordable as possible.

So why not learn from our colleagues in the Hollywood market?

I am confident that the video surveillance market will indeed adopt these workflow concepts that have been perfected in Hollywood and you will see increasing usage of metadata, low-resolution companion files and LTO storage devices. Embracing the sequential data structure format of video along with the use of LTO data tape delivers an ideal storage solution.

Thanks Hollywood.


Jay Jason Bartlett is the VP of WW Sales and Marketing for SoleraTec, software publishers of Phoenix VCM and Phoenix RSM video lifecycle management products for both the M&E and video surveillance markets. Request more info on the company at www.securityinfowatch.com/10604799.