Integrator Connection: IP Security is on the Menu

Daytona Broadband president Ron Poulin has parlayed his restaurant background into selling security customers on the benefits of IP

“I am also in the process of departmentalizing the company,” he says. “I have more and more out-of-area enterprise video opportunities coming my way and I will begin to focus on those large projects, while I ramp up my local staff,” he says. The goal is to continue to expand and support customers in the large local footprint including all of central Florida. Growth, he expects, will come in three main product offerings: Video security, POS, and custom LED lighting.

“Once I reached critical mass of customers, and the channel partner program was in place, the referrals began and the growth has become phenomenal,” Poulin says.


Looking Ahead

DBB’s five-year plan includes not only continued growth in current market segments but also expansion into access control and VOIP. Additionally, migration of many of DBB’s products to a cloud solution is already under way.

At some point, DBB may investigate the opening of a chain of business technology stores. “The concept is a one-stop shop for all business technology, where a business owner can see demonstrations and sign up for all the technology they could need,” Poulin says.

This would include video security, POS, Internet service, phone service, burglar alarm, two-way radios, headset systems, digital menu boards, and more. “Strategic alliances with various dealers and manufacturers could make this valuable for the customer as well as Daytona Broadband,” Poulin concludes.


Curt Harler is a technology writer and regular contributor to SD&I magazine. Reach him at