Success Story: Greenville Health System

Upgrading the video surveillance and physical security system of a multi-building, multi-campus medical facility takes more than simply adding or changing equipment — it takes ingenuity and perseverance from the client, combined with experienced...

Recorded video is stored up to 30 days and can be viewed instantly and simultaneously with live video. On-board analytics provide additional investigative tools and time-slicing helps narrow down time frames when reviewing incidents. According to Al Harrison, a GHS law enforcement service investigator, having such comprehensive control of the video system is like having another partner on the team. “It’s much more effective to be able to police in a controlled environ

ment,” he explains. “With this configuration, we have been able to quickly prove that a car was already damaged when it was parked in our lot, or that a parking gate did not malfunction and accidently strike a visitor. Using the analytics and zoom features of the system we could prove otherwise and reduce our liability.”

Exporting video is another task that has been made easier for the GHS investigative team. For example, Harrison reports that when a gunshot victim arrives in the emergency department, local law enforcement can review a copy of the arrival portion of the video to see who may have brought the victim to the hospital or other evidence that may help solve a crime. GHS staff can conveniently export video material that is relevant to the investigation without compromising anyone’s privacy.

The VMS has been in operation at GHS for about one year and has quickly become the go-to tool for the security staff. In addition to improving security and liability concerns, it is proving its worth in loss prevention and risk management areas. “We are continually learning about new features that will help us improve the overall safety and security of GHS,” Reilly says. “It is a work in progress.”