Government cyber security programs mandated to go commercial

DHS initiative seeks to 'leap frog' government technology advances into the private sector

The TTP Program is a resource for industry and communication is encouraged. The TTP program is coordinated by Douglas Maughan, DHS S & T cyber security director and Michael Pozmantier, DHS S & T cyber security program manager. The office can be reached at

It would be worthwhile to expand the DHS Science and Technology Director model of “leaping ahead” across agencies in the federal government to encourage a new era of public/private sector collaboration. The best in technology development and commercialization is yet to come.

About the Author: Charles (Chuck) Brooks serves as vice president/client executive for DHS at Xerox. He has served as the first director of legislative affairs for the DHS science and technology directorate, where he was responsible for advocacy for the directorate on Capitol Hill. Brooks has been an adjunct faculty member at Johns Hopkins University, and has previously spent six years on Capitol Hill as a senior advisor to the late Senator Arlen Specter. He also served as President of Brooks Consulting International, leveraging extensive experience in executive management, government relations and R&D in the public and private sectors. He can be reached at: