Security Watch: Inside ISO’s New Fire Detection and Alarm Standard

Q&A with Peter Parsons on the international design and installation guidelines

Will this standard lead to an influx of new compliant products from manufacturers?

ISO 7240-14 provides a complete solution for the design, installation, commissioning and service of new and existing fire detection and alarm systems installed in and around buildings. Referencing the large suite of already published equipment Standards, ISO 7240-14 provides users with a well-integrated Standard for the early detection of fire and the safe evacuation of building occupants.

While cognisant of existing regulations and codes that existing in some countries (eg electrical safety codes), ISO 7240-14 is not constrained by any specific regulations, providing a flexible and useable Standard for many countries, especially emerging economies where legacy Standards may not exist.


How can installers & technicians learn more about the specifics of ISO 7240-14?

ISO 7240-14 is available from the ISO web store ( ISO does not provide direct training on the use of the Standard. Training would typically be provided by industry peak bodies as required. This Standard is targeted to industry professionals, with knowledge and experience in the design, installation and commissioning of fire detection and alarm system. Given the way it is structured, most experienced users will be able to quickly understand the foundations supporting the requirements and self-learn the specifics of each section (eg detector spacing).