Video: Use TCO to Make the Cloud Storage Sale

A pitch focused on Total Cost of Ownership can make a compelling case when comparing hosted and onsite storage

For HealthLife’s higher resolution requirements, cloud-based storage savings would reduce incrementally, by around $26,700 at medium resolution and $93,600 at high resolution (1080p).


Question 6: How many times per year will archived video be searched?

For organizations of all sizes, the option to search through archived video can have financial implications. In general, as the number of reviews increases, so does the amount of benefit from cloud-based storage solutions over local storage solutions. This is an area in which primary knowledge of your client’s workflows can play a strong role in calculating their TCO.

Using a TCO model, we show that the cost effectiveness of cloud-based storage increases significantly for organizations that search through archived video more than twice a year. Less than that makes a case for proceeding with a local storage solution. For example, if AutoWorld is prone to review archived video five times a year, it will see a nearly $140,000 benefit by using cloud-based storage. With a cloud-based solution, HealthLife would see savings from archived reviews because of the scale of the job, but the increases of cost benefit are not as dramatic due to the limited number of locations.


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