Special Focus: Don’t Overlook the Parking Areas

Garages and lots may be the greatest source of risk to your clients

Perimeter security effectively “surrounds” a facility with good access controls. “Perimeter control can be fencing, level changes, ground floor protection and other architectural and environmental barriers that channel people to designated entry points onto the property and into the lot or garage, discourage persons from hiding outside and inside the property or buildings and discourage trespassing and unauthorized access,” says Randy Atlas, an expert in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Emergency call stations or panic buttons are a characteristic of many secured parking areas — especially garages. “Panic button call boxes should be integrated with the video surveillance system, allowing a camera to be activated when a call box is pushed so that security can receive a call for assistance instantly,” Atlas says.

Whichever technology you choose, be sure to include proper signage. Not only can signs help move vehicles to designated areas quickly and efficiently but they also deter crime. Criminals avoid areas with cameras and proper signage with clear warnings will go a long way to stopping dangerous activity before it occurs.