Crafting a comprehensive workplace violence policy

ASIS session covers active shooter trends

Not to be overlooked, Paziotopoulos said that organizations also need to include a section in their workplace violence policies that take into account employees who may be abusers themselves. If a worker is deemed to be at risk, there are a number of different steps a company can take to protect an employee, such as relocating them to secure areas, removing their names from automated call systems, forward threatening or harassing phones calls to the security department, and reviewing the safety of parking lots, which can be “very, very vulnerable” places, she said.

Finally, Paziotopoulos said that it’s also a good idea to actually go with employees when their case against an alleged abuser goes to court. Not only does it show that a company is standing behind their worker, but it also will give them a peak into the accused offender and what they could be capable of – giving the employer more insight into how they may want to mitigate against that risk.