Innovation in video surveillance tech at a crossroads: Part 1

Industry experts discuss continued shift towards IP, providing continued support for analog

Shafer: There are numerous ways in which the migration from analog to IP systems is being dealt with for pro surveillance applications – specifically the use of legacy infrastructure to support IP and megapixel cameras. One specific and most cost-efficient way to preserve legacy infrastructure without any compromise in performance is through the use of Ethernet-over-Coax adapters which are now also available with PoE capabilities. These simple and relatively inexpensive devices allow users to enhance their current analog systems and coax infrastructure with the latest IP devices and software. Our concentration has always been and remains to develop and manufacture the best megapixel imaging solutions available. Products like Ethernet-over-Coax adapters further support our continued concentration on megapixel imaging solutions.

Poulin: We understand that one system can’t fit the needs of all users, and the transition from an existing analog installation to a comprehensive IP video surveillance system doesn’t happen overnight. We continue to bring new, innovative analog cameras to market to serve our significant analog customer base while also meeting the growing customer demand for IP. Panasonic works with its customers to develop hybrid video surveillance solutions that allow them to take advantage of the benefits newer systems provide while maximizing their investments in analog technology and minimizing the costs associated with a complete system overhaul. The improved ease-of-use and lower cost of entry offered by hybrid systems provide users with the opportunity to adopt more advanced IP technologies and scale their systems more efficiently.

Pedersen: Our new Milestone Husky Series of NVR appliances is one way that we are addressing the traditional security market’s needs for simpler digital solutions through these ready-to-use offerings. The high-performance hardware is pre-installed and pre-configured with our reliable VMS. And for those wanting to choose their own hardware, our October releases of the XProtect Professional family of products are specially designed to make it easier than ever to purchase, configure, install, maintain, upgrade and migrate to our video management software. Features such as automatic camera discovery and automatic video configuration with wizards help to remove complexity, especially for anyone without advanced IT skills. Milestone software supports not only the widest choice in IP cameras, but connection to analog devices through video encoders, too. Moving from analog to IP - whether all at once or gradually - in order to get the most out of older equipment is now easier than ever.

Maroussis: Supporting software that enables legacy devices to transition to IP, as well as legacy functions in IP (VMS) software such as virtual matrix, analog legacy keyboard support and PTZ protocol translations in an IP/video software streaming model.