Mitigating risks posed by the federal government shutdown

Developing business continuity plans, getting executive cooperation crucial

“Business continuity planning is basically essential for any business and is often required by regulation. Those plans also need to be tested to make sure everyone who has a role to play knows exactly what their role is,” he says. “I served in the Marine Corps and we were always trained to take over the next person’s position, so if my lieutenant is taken out of action I know exactly how to do his job and he knew the captain’s job and so on and so forth. I think that is something that really gets lost in the business world.”   

The importance of developing a comprehensive business continuity plan and employing GRC tools is only superseded by having an executive leadership team that is aware of the risks and actually helps the implementation of these plans throughout the organization. “I think the most important role in all of this is the executive, the leaders who oversee (these plans) they really need to be driving from the top down and that really enables communication between multiple departments,” Slobodzian added.