Sage Conversations: Withstanding the sea of change under way in security

Opportunities abound for those who see the future coming and have a sense of urgency to respond

  • Find the knowledge agents, align to their priorities and collaborate with them. An obvious example is IT. Their charter is to provision the capabilities of mission critical systems to the core functions of the organization.
  • Identify your core processes and measure their effectiveness.
  • Define the sense of urgency that adds organizational value and invest in it.
  • Divest anything that does not add value to the core by automating or outsourcing or both.
  • Test all use cases or essential scenarios that redefine your processes and benchmark the technology that automates or accelerates your efforts.
  • Communicate small victories as well as large.
  • Measure, report, improve, repeat.

   3.  Create your Trip Tick: Your plan is like the old map from AAA. Define your destination or outcomes and work backwards from the dates of those              outcomes. Measure your progress.

The old automobile of our youth is pleasantly nostalgic. But it will be run by a different fuel in today’s transport mechanism. The spoils will belong to the ecosystem in and around the new architecture of security. It is truly not our father’s security solution anymore