Manufacturer 1-on-1: Getting the Secret Out

Q&A with Galaxy Control Systems president Robert Laughlin

We are continually evaluating new technologies and developing new solutions in our engineering labs. Some of these materialize into products and software enhancements that we actually plug into our roadmap for future introductions, and others wind up getting shelved based on trends and feedback from the field. The migration to networked backbones and mobile solutions are both areas we continue to monitor and explore for future development.


How large has Galaxy’s certified dealer network grown, and how do you go about recruiting new dealers?

We have been fortunate over the years in the sense that resellers actually seek us out. This holds true of both small installing dealers and large systems integrators. The reasons are twofold: we offer superior training and certification programs for free to qualified resellers, and our innovative solutions are consistently being specified into high profile jobs.


With the rise of IP-based and mobile technologies, will there come a time when physical access credentials and keys become a “thing of the past”?

I think that this is a feasible prediction as new technologies continue to develop and come to market at accelerated rates, but I don’t foresee this happening in the near future until better encryption technologies are developed that ensure better identity management. There is a delicate balance that needs to be achieved relative to physical access credentials and identity management that are still too vulnerable for exclusive IP and mobile driven solutions.