Government Contracting: Success Story - Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center

Contractor deploys unified security system for new courthouse facility

“There are many unique aspects of integrated security at work in this building,” says Mike Anthony, Guarantee Electrical’s Project Manager. “The SMS makes it easy to bring all of the functionality together on a single platform.”



Cameras have been deployed around the full perimeter, in corridors, entryways, freight elevators, parking facilities, data center and communications room. AMAG’s Symmetry Video Management system integrates with Milestone XProtect Corporate 5.0 to provide video management and archiving.

Approximately 285 Axis megapixel cameras are stationed throughout the building, and 20 indoor/outdoor cameras have been enhanced by integrating real-time video analytics capabilities provided by Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi). On these cameras, Agent Vi’s real-time detection software, Vi-System, detects suspicious objects, unauthorized entry into secure zones and loitering, and generates alerts that are displayed in both the Milestone XProtect Smart Client and in Symmetry. The Colorado State Patrol respond to these alerts in real-time, enabling immediate response to security breaches as they unfold.


Future Expansion

The building plans to add 40 card readers, and expand the system to an off-site six-story parking garage that originally had a different access control system. Users will need to swipe their badge to enter and park their vehicles.