Government Contracting: Opportunities Abound

Understanding government security threats, solutions and the role of security dealers and integrators


Best Practices for Your Firm

The security industry should be training on a non-stop basis for the “unknown or attack.” Every scenario should be evaluated and audited on a continuous cycle from internal and external stakeholders. Nothing should be taken for granted, and constant watch should ensure complacency doesn’t become an issue.

Along with training and evaluation, the security industry needs to set rigorous standards for recruiting, especially when considering the role of securing infrastructures and the nation. This standard should far exceed the minimum standards set for normal security requirements. Additionally, we need to raise security workforce performance standards through experience-based training and continuous education, as well as streamline workforce recruitment, convergence and retention measures by working closely with the security professionals responsible for hiring these officers.

Employ a higher pay-scale to attract higher caliber personnel, and promote a robust safety culture through safety-conscious work environment initiatives, human performance improvements and heightened threat awareness training such as “Sixth Sense Protection” where facilitators teach trainees the ability to anticipate threats around them. High security standards for business operations comes from the industry and the regulators working together to implement solutions.

Each of us has to take responsibility for what happens in our community and nation at large, and not just ask “what can I do better” — but take tactical action. As a dealer or integrator in the security industry, it is up to you to lead the charge. Use this opportunity raise awareness about safety and security measures at the individual level, and then practice and integrate these principles into the security we as security professionals provide.



Phrantceena Halres is founder, chairman and CEO of Total Protection Services Global, a certified security services company focused exclusively on high threat/close proximity safety and security services for the protection of critical infrastructure assets in the corporate, government, nuclear, energy and personal protection sectors. Contact her at