What to Bank on when it Comes to Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the most important components of a financial institution’s security infrastructure

Banks today, for example, are already using video analytics in ATM vestibules to alert security staff in a centralized monitoring facility to individuals loitering in the vestibule. With two-way audio integrated into their system, security staff with one bank based in Cincinnati can view video from the ATM, converse with an individual and dispatch law enforcement if necessary. Operations management can tailor teller staffing to customer traffic patterns by using queue-length video analytics, while marketing management can check to make sure each branch is optimized for business development and customer service. If your colleagues are also agreeable to covering some of your video-surveillance system’s costs, so much the better.

Finally, and most obviously, price is important, but it’s only one factor in the calculation of total cost of ownership and return on investment.


Dan Cremins is director of product management with March Networks.