When Continuity Counts

Video systems are one way the financial market can leverage technology

In the future at Navigant Credit Union, using video for people-counting, tracking customer patterns, etc., might be useful, although embracing these capabilities would be up to the credit union’s retail administration, says Drake.

Even without leveraging all the latest technologies, Navigant is already finding Verint solutions improve business operations beyond security. After hours, for example, systems enable Drake to monitor the activity of cleaning subcontractors, making sure they perform relegated tasks and that only authorized people are allowed in the building – no family or friends.

Video surveillance proves its value every day at Navigant Credit Union and thousands of other financial institutions across the country and around the world. Growing adoption of new video capabilities will continue to unlock greater value, keeping financial institutions more secure and effectively empowering them with new operational efficiencies.


Debjit Das is Vice President of Global Marketing for VERINT Systems