Get With IT: Are Obamacare’s Health Insurance Exchanges Secured?

Government officials freely admit the security requirements have not been achieved.

I’m not even sure where we go from here. If your business or government agency is involved in these health insurance marketplaces, don’t be afraid to ask the tough security questions and even test the environments on your own. It’s this type of grass-roots effort that could introduce some sanity into Obamacare. In the administration’s defense, I’m sure this is an unfortunate oversight that will be quickly remediated. But will it be quick enough to avert a disastrous information breach or worse?


Kevin Beaver is an information security consultant, expert witness, author and professional speaker with Atlanta-based Principle Logic, LLC. With over 24 years of experience in the industry, Kevin specializes in performing independent IT security vulnerability assessments of networks, computers, and applications. You can reach Kevin through his website, follow him on Twitter at @kevinbeaver and connect to him on LinkedIn.