Screening technology poised to ease liquid restrictions at airports

Battelle's LS10 bottle scanner to be deployed in terminals at London’s Heathrow Airport

For example, Pirkle said the LS10 can measure all bottle types including metal, plastic, glass and even cardboard juice boxes, which couldn’t be done previously in an effective manner. “But now that’s changed. We have systems like ours that we can scan all of those container types using our dual technology and the false alarm rates are very low and the scan times are also very low – in the two to five seconds range,” Pirkle added.

Davis said that the LS10, which weighs less than 40 pounds, is also very versatile and portable. “It’s very important to have low false alarm rates, but compared to other equipment in the marketplace today, ours can handle a plethora of container types, shapes and sizes,” Davis said.

In addition to the aforementioned airports in the UK, Davis said that the company’s solution has also been selected for use in two Australian airports (Brisbane and Sydney), as well as several Scandinavian countries. The company’s technology is also being evaluated for use domestically in the U.S.