Tech Trends: Forecast - Cloudy with a Chance of Big Profits

Competition for RMR in the cloud is growing fast, especially in the residential market

Business Threats and the Residential Market
A real threat to the business status quo in the security industry actually comes from outsider companies. It is not a stretch to think that those who operate large data centers — Amazon, Google and Microsoft, for example — could evolve plausible security-targeted business models themselves.
A number of top-tier security integrators are migrating their business model to services, increasingly caring less about the hardware and installation revenue. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the residential market - attractive because of its sheer potential for growth, both in number of users and services offered. Alarm monitoring can now be supplemented with video verification, off-site storage of alarm event data, energy management, lighting control and more.
Mobility is tightly linked to cloud services, and a homeowner’s ability to remotely check on a property is compelling. A good friend of mine, after suffering a very expensive break-in, moved to a video-enhanced alarm system with this remote capability. Now he’s telling all his friends about it. The system was installed by a very qualified regional systems integrator who displaced a well-known national brand.
It’s going to be  an interesting competition: there are the nationals who are accelerating their product offerings and advertising; the local and regional firms that are embracing cloud services; and the telecom and IT companies who are now deciding to throw their hat into the ring.

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