3 good reasons to fix your job description now

Review can provide insights that benefit you and your security program

  • You set yourself apart from many other managers and executives in a very positive way.
  • You show that you are keeping yourself and your department current with your organization’s needs.
  • By taking the relationship-building steps, you make other people more aware of your highly responsible attitude and interest in collaboration.
  • If your job description becomes part of your performance review, you will be one individual whose performance exactly matches or maybe exceeds your job description.
  • You show that you are exactly the kind of individual (a change-minded person with initiative) that is needed during and after times of organizational stress and change.

If you are among the fortunate few who already perform a job review exercise annually, be sure to add the relationship building elements described above. They are sure to open conversational doors that have been previously closed for no real reason.

By this point you are likely to already be having many ideas about this. Just follow through and you will have a sound and confident start for the coming period ahead!

About the AuthorRay Bernard, PSP, CHS-III is the principal consultant for Ray Bernard Consulting Services (RBCS), a firm that provides security consulting services for public and private facilities. For more information about Ray Bernard and RBCS go to www.go-rbcs.com or call 949-831-6788. Mr. Bernard is also a member of the Content Expert Faculty of the Security Executive Council. Follow Ray on Twitter: @RayBernardRBCS.