5 reasons why banks should leverage PSIM

PSIM platforms provide cost savings, stronger ROI opportunities in retail banking applications

5. Future ROI

PSIM can easily scale to integrate new sites, systems, sensors, even analytic applications. This means banks can continue to grow their ROI on their original PSIM investment over time. For example, they can go from just monitoring branches to adding in corporate offices or data centers, from monitoring just security functions to reporting on system malfunctions, or even leverage PSIM together with video analytics for business intelligence. They can use PSIM and video analytics to answer questions like how many people come into different branch locations at various times of day? How long do they have to wait in line? Where are the bottlenecks in branch operations that keep the bank from providing great service? In what area of the branch do people tend to congregate and are marketing or promotional materials optimally placed?

It’s becoming very clear to security operators that PSIM can provide substantial cost savings.  Based on my calculations, a typical bank can achieve a breakeven ROI on its PSIM investment in a year and a half to two years. That’s an impressive return on investment. But even more impressively, PSIM is an investment that can keep on providing value beyond its initial ROI, due to its openness, scalability and adaptability.