Independence Day arrives for Allegion

Company executives ring opening bell at NYSE, discuss short and long-term strategic goals with SIW

Eckersley: If you look in the U.S. market, there are more than 70 access control providers – companies like Lenel, CBORD and others – we connect to all those players and we have relationships (with them). We actually sold off a business that was competing against those (companies) and the reason we did that was to gain closer alignment with that diverse marketplace. That gives us the best opportunity in terms of growth. If you think about where the industry is going, one of the biggest and most exciting things I see coming is mobility and how virtual credentials and access control using mobile devices will ultimately converge in the electronics world.      

SIW: If I were an investor, why should I invest in Allegion today?

Petratis: Potential investors should consider the legacy of our brands. We’re brands that have stood for over a century. Second, if you look at the growth and performance of this business in up and down markets, it has performed to lead the security industry in terms of organic growth and profitability. We’re in a world where technology is converging. You can think of us as just simple mechanical locks and closing devices, but we thrive in an arena where technology is converging and this is what investors need to think about. This is where wealth and growth is created and we’ve got a very profitable company that’s right in the middle of that convergence.

Eckersley: We’re a market leader on a global scale in an exciting (product) category. We have proven financial strength and performance in up and down markets and enormous growth potential opportunities for us as a company in growing our business capabilities and serving our customers.