Access Control: Mobile Changes Everything

Your customers will soon want to use their smartphones as ID badges

Thus, there are a great number of early adaptors in the user population that are already looking forward to using their smart phones as their access control credentials. As with smart cards, many early adaptors will be on college campuses, ready to bring the technology to the commercial market along with themselves and their degrees.


Allegion’s Solution

While the major carriers will ultimately offer an NFC card emulation/secure element solution, organizations wanting to utilize NFC-enabled smartphones as their access control credentials for employees and students can begin the transition now. An example is the recently introduced aptiQmobile secure peer-to-peer (P2P) NFC mode from Allegion, which lets organizations provide the convenience of using a mobile device today.

This secure peer-to-peer solution provides several advantages. Importantly, it lets organizations use Android NFC-enabled phones regardless of choice of carriers, creating a universal solution and it even works on unlocked phones. Apple iPhone users would continue using a special case. But, for many, its most important advantage is that it lets customers across multiple market segments deploy now.

For those customers already using aptiQ multi-technology readers, there is no need to replace readers. These readers can work with magnetic stripe, proximity and smart cards as well as the NFC-enabled mobile phone credential all in one reader, providing an easy migration path to upgrade credentials between any of those versions at their own pace. It’s simply a matter of downloading the credentials to the users’ phones and they are ready to go.

If non-smart access technology is being used, multi-technology readers can be installed to help ease into the transition by reading both the ID badges and the smartphones. This also makes it easy for customers to continue to operate in a hybrid world of cards and mobile if needed.


Jeremy Earles is Readers and Credentials Portfolio Manager for Allegion (formerly Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies). To request more info on Allegion, please visit