Video Trends & Technologies: Finding RMR in Video Verification

Enhancing your alarm offering with video is a key to more profits

Next, you will need to train your team. You will want to train your installers on the assembly to control your costs and to build confidence for your sales team. Simultaneously, you need to train your sales team on how to sell video verification. It is critical that you have a planned presentation that includes a demonstration for the potential client. We use a step-by-step planned presentation that includes a demonstration. We send the potential client an alarm signal to their mobile device or computer so they can see what it will be like when their alarm goes off. All potential clients have had false alarms and or an actual and this demo shows them how valuable it is to have the operator and the owner see what caused the alarm. Demonstrate the service and they will buy it.

Lastly, set appointments with your existing clients and potential clients and sell the service. For many small-business owners, much of their attention is tied up in their businesses — they need to know what is happening in their businesses in real-time and to know that an operator is working the alarm with enough information to know what is happening on the premises. Video verification makes that happen.

With the increased competition from traditional and non-traditional sources, it is important to differentiate your company. By offering commercial-grade monitoring with video verification, you can avoid being lumped in with the other commoditized burglar alarm providers.

Larry Folsom is the owner of American Video and Security of Las Vegas (, which has been named a two-time Fast50 company by SD&I magazine. He is also the president, CEO and co-founder of I-View Now, a cloud-based video verification service. To request more info about I-View Now, visit