Metrics For Success: Measuring Security’s Financial Performance

Every senior executive collecting a paycheck has a financial scorecard that shines a quarterly positive or negative light on their performance. When I reported to our company’s CFO for a period, we had interesting discussions on what performance...

Annual cost of loss to various categories of incidents compared to annual cost of protection measures -- If (maybe a big if) you have a handle on your incident, investigation and operational costs, you have focused your prevention tactics where the highest likelihood of loss is known. If you aren’t routinely reporting your key risk and performance indicators to management, good luck muttering your way through the CFO’s question on this one.


George Campbell is emeritus faculty of the Security Executive Council (SEC) and former CSO of Fidelity Investments. His book, Measures and Metrics in Corporate Security, may be purchased at The SEC draws on the knowledge of security practitioners, experts and strategic partners to help other security leaders initiate or enhance security programs and build leadership skills.