Security Innovation Awards Silver Medal: Leadership and innovation merge to secure Houston-based hospital system

Major security retro fit for legacy systems for 13-hospital group in Houston

Here’s a bit of advice for my peers out there based on what I learned throughout this project -- get educated and maintain your education. Take advantage of the training available to you by your vendors, your partners and your associations. The more you know about the technology and the success of others the more you can apply that knowledge to your job. Learn to lead and to communicate effectively with not only your department, but with all departments. Learn to calculate return-on-investment so you can get the funding you need to be effective. Be open-minded to new ideas and solutions, and depend on healthy relationships with your providers. When you are able to do that, your department and the organization you work for will be much better off.


Joseph Bellino is the System Security Executive at Memorial Hermann Healthcare System in Houston, Texas.