Dedicated systems integrators a necessity in gaming market

Focused integrators can provide benefits, support and flexibility that others can’t

There are several other distinctions that make service from a system integrator a valued benefit to the casino including:

Business Model − The company’s culture, attitude and organization are driven by the desire to provide the casino with a service that meets or exceeds their needs. Achieving customer satisfaction is everyone’s business, and everyone is an ambassador of the company. Management empowers employees to make decisions that reflect the company-wide objective of total customer satisfaction. For example, a service technician might approve a replacement rather than a repair and do so without going through several layers of internal approvals.

Knowledge Base – Ongoing training and education of staff is a priority within the organization and is vital in maintaining the value stream offered to the customer. Beyond providing personnel with continuing education in emerging technologies, recruiting new personnel with expertise in specific disciplines delivers the most rapid development of capabilities to enhance service offerings. With current knowledge of products and technologies, the integrator can recommend designs or upgrades that best meet the financial and technical needs of the casino when hardware upgrades or replacements to the system are indicated.

Consistency and reliability in the quality of service delivered is also a positive by-product of employee longevity. Knowing that the technician and engineers who designed and built the surveillance system will be the same individuals who respond to follow-up service calls at a later date provides casino management a high level of comfort and peace of mind.

Communication – In smaller organizations, communication among the departments regarding a project tends to be more free-flowing. From top to bottom, everyone knows what everyone is doing and this understanding helps to ensure full support is provided. The importance of communication also extends to the relationship between the integrator and the manufacturer. Getting replacement parts in a timely manner or working with the manufacturer to find a software bug and so on are actions that depend on good communication and which ultimately can help ensure a seamless customer experience.

As always, the casino has final say as to the satisfaction and level of service quality. It is said that quality is free – the cost comes only when the customer’s expectations are not met.