The Case for IP Access Control

IP-based systems that simplify connectivity and save you money are not just limited to the world of video


Stop the Cabling Madness

Over the past decade, the IP video revolution has proven that IP-based solutions are more flexible, scalable and open than their analog counterparts. Making the move from a proprietary system to an open standards platform allows the consultant, integrator and end-customer to choose the best of breed solutions that actually meet their needs.

Consumers already grasp the inherent benefits of IP-based systems. They use the technology in just about every facet of their lives — from phone service, to email, to cloud storage of data. These consumers are the same people who manage businesses filled with IP-based systems controlling everything from telephony, to corporate-mail, to physical security.

The groundwork for introducing another IP-based system into their operations has already been laid — now it’s your job to show them how they can make the transition.


Scott Dunn is the Director of Business Development for Axis Communications (more info at He has spent nearly 20 years in the access control and video manufacturing industries.