Surreptitious workplace recording becoming a growing organizational threat

The threat is both from insiders and potential corporate espionage

Tips for Management

As a security manager you must always be diligent when it comes to considering the potential threats to your organization’s data and privacy concerns. Here are some basics:

  •  Assume your discussions are being recorded.
  •  Before proceeding, ask if they are recording. Ask again during the conversation. If they say no and record anyway, well… juries don’t like sneaky liars.
  • Be professional. If you would not say it in a courtroom, don’t say it.
  • Red Flag – When an employee tries to recreate a previous conversation with you.
  • To increase due diligence credibility, have the TSCM debugging inspections conducted by an independent specialist.

Information losses, arbitration hearings and lawsuits are costly and embarrassing. Implementing a policy to mitigate this risk is very inexpensive insurance, and a good business practice. Do it today.

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