Manufacturer 1-on-1: Lenel on the Legacy CASI Migration

Get the strategy for Lenel’s VARs and end-users direct from the source

A big piece of our OnGuard migration plan involves educating our end-users and VARs about the options available to them. Details have been made available at several industry trade shows. We’ve also provided seminars and private demonstrations off the exhibition floor.  We have connected with all of our large customers regarding migration options. Additionally, our monthly newsletter regularly contains information about the plan. We have also spent time making sure our sales team and VARs are knowledgeable about the plan so that they can answer end-users’ questions. We will continue to communicate our migration plan and its benefits throughout 2014 to ensure our customers have numerous opportunities to hear our message.


What are the best ways for a Lenel dealer to sell the transition to their customers?

Our primary message has to remain consistent — Lenel and its VARs will do everything possible to make this migration easy and low-risk, while protecting end-users’ current investments. Our VARs can offer incentives such as a board replacement program, total data conversion tools and free OnGuard software with an SSA agreement.


Has this transition had any negative repercussions on Lenel/UTC, either in market perception or among its dealers?

As you might expect, one of the biggest challenges we face during the migration process is fear of change. But we have found that by being open and honest with our customers and keeping them involved throughout the process they want to work with us on the best possible solutions. Customers want to know exactly how and when things are going to happen. Our VARs need those same consistent messages and timetables to be effective on our behalf. We believe that we have the most sophisticated VAR network in the industry. Our OnGuard migration plan will continue to evolve as we work with our partners. But we are confident we are on the right track.