Integrator Connection: Fast-Growing Minnow Eating the Whales

Kastle Systems is using acquisitions to expand far beyond its commercial real estate roots

Ein cites the consistent drop in the cost of equipment and the lower cost of bandwidth as two factors that will make enhanced video even more important as time goes on. “The ability to monitor video — not after the fact but to use it pro-actively — is a key,” Ein continues. He likes to call video technology “a force multiplier” meaning that it allows a security operation to gain leverage or traction with its investment and provide better services.

“Video allows you to get a greater investment out of whatever human resources you are using,” he says.

Kastle is 100 percent IP-based and 100 percent cloud-based for its services. The company is proud that it was the first managed services provider to create and launch a solution which met the requirements of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12). In addition to its work with commercial real estate and government agencies, Kastle also is a major player in the education market, serving both schools at the K-12 level and colleges.


The Future

“We are very pleased with the acquisitions we did in 2013,” Ein says. “We will continue if we find others this year or next that make sense.”

Look for the cornerstone of Kastle Systems to remain in the managed access control market for commercial real estate; however, there are no geographic limitations. Kastle will look for opportunities in new markets or to expand its scale in existing markets. “Our goal is to help create security offerings that are more efficient, more effective and less intrusive,” Ein says. He wants to grow the company at double-digits for the next several years.

Part of that will be because of acquisition; however, Ein expects new technology offerings to account for a big piece of the growth in security businesses, as well. Looking down the road, he expects new technologies to be much more prevalent in security offerings and networks than they are today. That is why he intends to keep Kastle Systems focused as a security as a service operation.


A Closer Look

Company: Kastle Systems International


HQ location: Falls Church, Va.

Principals: Mark D. Ein, Chairman; Brian Eckert, Executive Vice President

Year founded: 1972

Number of employees: 500

Residential/Commercial split: 100 percent commercial

Top technology brands sold\deployed: Kastle develops a great deal of its own technology and insists that everything be open-standards based.


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