Eagle Eye Networks enters VMS market

Barracuda Networks Founder Dean Drako discusses why he started a video security company

“In my mind… I really feel that Eagle Eye is first serious cloud player to enter the market in the mid-market,” Drako added. “We’re not out trying to sell to consumers. Consumers are not the target market for us; we’re going after the small, medium and large-scale businesses. Camera deployments from five to 1,000 are where we’ll be looking to get started.”

Another goal of Eagle Eye’s coming into the market, according to Drako, will be to improve the “usability” of video management platforms, which is something he said they did well at Barracuda.

“Unfortunately, in the video surveillance market, most of the products don’t have that reputation with their customers. Most customers don’t really like their video surveillance systems and try and avoid using them,” he said. “I think there is a huge opportunity to change that and actually make video more useful, so one of the things we’re pursuing in our extra time is applications of video surveillance other than security. We have customers that are using is for training, store review and recording big financial transactions – things where it is a little bit beyond the security guard staring at a screen or going and pulling videos and sending them to police.”