Why bigger isn't always better when selecting an access control partner

Smaller vendors can be more flexible and open to customization for their customers

Making timely decisions

Decision-making processes in smaller organizations are often dramatically different from those in their larger counterparts. Big organizations are typically layered with varying levels of specialists to cover basic support functions. This may delay important decisions since the personnel authorized to resolve important issues need time to collect data and review it before taking action. Dealing with committees in a bureaucracy slows down progress. Small/medium size businesses tend to react faster as employees know their customers and their systems better, and have shorter reporting paths to decision makers.

Small/medium business attract team members 

One of the inherent complaints individuals make about working in large companies is that they may get lost in the machinery of big business environments. Small/medium sized businesses attract people who thrive in environments where they feel like they are part of a team. And that’s great for customer relations, especially in technical areas where the intricacies of a system make all the difference in terms of service and support. This not only boosts customer confidence, it helps further develop longstanding relationships, helping customers keep their systems running smoothly.

Small/medium businesses operate on the front lines

Top level executives at big companies are typically not directly involved with customers and everyday management issues. But they are the people making decisions that affect their customers’ present and future systems. At small/medium businesses, upper level management is usually in touch with their customers and aware of trends that impact technology implementations. This results from having first-hand conversations with customers and field personnel, auditing service calls and visiting customers in the field.

Owners have skin in the game

Dealing with the owners of a small/medium size company is far different than dealing with employees at big companies. There is no question that the mindset is different from owner to employee. Deal with an owner and you are far more likely to achieve satisfaction as they want you as a customer for life – not for a single sale or project. And ownership mindset often carries over in small/medium businesses to employees who flourish in environments that promote entrepreneurial thinking.  This type of corporate culture drives customer service, support and satisfaction best. It’s another characteristic that big business strives to emulate that is integral in most small/medium businesses.

There’s no doubt that big business plays a critical role in evolving technologies like access control. But companies like Galaxy Control Systems strive to retain the small/medium company attributes that have helped its national growth and will serve its continued global growth. By structuring an international network of systems integrators and installing dealers, Galaxy has successfully modeled its customer support and technology development strategies after those which have been applied since its earliest beginnings. The key is to remember that success and growth don’t necessarily mean you have to be big or even act big. Treat every customer like they’re your biggest customer and the rest will take care of itself.