Acquiring Secured Success

SD&I Fast50 #4 (tie): Carey Boethel is growing Securadyne into another winning security business

The fact that fast-track companies like Securadyne typically acquire only companies that are number one or two in their respective markets makes integration even more difficult than usual, because there is tremendous pride already instilled in those operations about the ways they serviced their customers through many seasons of success. As a result, change can be difficult. 

“A big part of my job is identifying what is common between these disparate cultures and finding ways to synthesize them without undermining what made them special in the first place,” Boethel says. “Change management is a core competency of ours and it is mission-critical to our success.”

Another part is including the new company in the process. “We never go in and tell people Securadyne has a better process,” Boethel says. “We have an inclusive process where we put a number of people from the new company in a room with people from Securadyne, lock the door and tell them to work it out.” When the door opens again, everyone has adopted best practices and was part of the process.

“Our mantra is ‘the best idea wins.’ We work hard to set aside any pride in ownership or authorship,” Boethel adds.


Meeting Challenges

Boethel finds two main challenges at Securadyne, one tactical and one strategic. “Tactically speaking, our most arduous task is managing aggressive growth,” he says, which should come as no surprise to any manager who has experienced the mixed blessing of fast-track growth. “It basically comes down to finding and developing talent to service the ever-increasing demands of our customers.

“On the strategic side, our most trying challenge is changing the mindset of enterprise-class users to embrace cloud technologies,” Boethel continues. “Small- and medium-sized businesses have, for some time now, adopted cloud solutions because of the compelling economic value proposition, but enterprise-class users understandably focus much more on reliability and resiliency than cost.”

The cloud, of course, enhances reliability and resiliency. Still, Boethel finds too many large, sophisticated users still feel better about owning proprietary, on-premise technology. “Our approach here is not to try to fit a square peg in a round hole, but rather educate our customers on the virtues of the cloud and how it can benefit their business,” Boethel says.


Past Previews Future

A key formative factor in Boethel’s career is the time he spent as a vice president at Siemens; however, other job experiences also figure into his success. “Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate to work for a wide variety of companies ranging from start-up consultancies to global engineering conglomerates, and each one of those experiences taught me what to do and what not to do in business,” Boethel says.

“At Securadyne Systems, we want to remain innovative and nimble like a small entrepreneurial start-up, while at the same time employing the rigor and discipline of a mature professional organization. Finding the right balance is extremely difficult,” he admits, adding, “We believe doing so creates a real and sustainable competitive advantage.”

Boethel sees Securadyne’s future growth centering on its national accounts portfolio and identifying opportunities to organically expand into new geographic markets. “We will, of course, do additional acquisitions,” he promises, “but more importantly, this year we will open three to four new branches in areas where our customers are requesting our presence.”

That kind of pull-through growth is part of what makes the company’s growth and expansion so exciting and rewarding. “We have also just formed a Program Management Office (PMO) to oversee our national and global deployments, as well as drive operational consistency in markets where we are working but do not yet have brick-and-mortar,” he adds. 

There is a vision for how the firm might be different in five years. “We have just formed a new professional services organization that will help transform the way we serve our customers and support our employees. This group, led by management from Intelligent Access Systems, will provide an unparalleled level of IT support, design, consulting and managed services to our customers,” Boethel says.