Partners chart roadmap to bring security to converging digital and physical world

ADT, McAfee collaborate efforts to expand secured solutions to both consumers and commercial customers

When home security leader ADT and digital security leader McAfee recently announced their collaboration, Arthur Orduña, ADT’s Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, characterized the new partnership as a reflection of a quickly evolving consumer marketplace.  

“The headline here for us is that if people are starting to think about digital and physical security together as one element, then we need to think about how does ADT partner with someone to provide the most comprehensive solution possible,” says  Orduña . “Any home security company not thinking this way will be providing an incomplete approach.”

 At January’s annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), ADT and McAfee joined forces in hopes of raising the standards for consumer protection and redefining the next generation of security for the connected world. The goal of this partnership is to develop a cohesive platform where users on both the consumer and commercial side can easily protect their digital and physical domains from one centralized, easy to use portal.

For Michelle Dennedy, McAfee’s VP and Chief Privacy Officer, the move with ADT is a natural extension of their technology outreach across the industry. McAfee partners with myriad security vendors to help strengthen their solutions. “We’ve played in this IT space for a long time, but looking at this partnership through McAfee eyes, we think this is very cool. “ Dennedy says. “We are seeing a shift in consumer behavior on both the enterprise and the consumer side. People are looking to digitize their control panels and they are starting to look at that as a venue to consolidate all their assets. We’re seeing more people using smart phone technology to control their home systems. So this is a natural progression for us both.”

In the initial phase of the partnership, the McAfee LiveSafe service will be combined with ADT Pulse to provide an additional layer of protection for a customer’s home or business.

“We see this partnership going across both our residential and commercial customer base. We are incredibly excited about working with McAfee because now we as an independent company and the leader in current traditional home security and home automation in North America, it gives us the opportunity to define what we as a market leader should do.,” says Orduña.

Orduña adds that ADT realized that it needed reexamine the way that security and protection is defined in today’s rapidly changing digital environment. “One of the things a leader does is never being satisfied with the status quo. They are always looking to see how things change – and not just technology, but the consumers and customers themselves.”

Saying that the partnership with McAfee is part of ADT’s quest for redefining its definition of what security actually means to its evolving customer base, Orduña points out that most of the market focuses on protecting premises. He feels that to create a holistic security approach that encompasses both security technology and management of information, people have to be part of the equation.

“Along with protecting physical assets, we needed to figure out how to extend that protection to data assets, device and content as well. Once we had made that philosophic redefinition as a company, we also realized that instead of us trying to build out these areas that are new to us, let’s go find a leader in digital and device protection.”

Dennedy agrees that approaching the protection issue with the customer in mind was what led to the collaboration. Being able to attack the digital security issue with a tradition physical security partner will provide coverage for both home and commercial clients.

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